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Frequently Asked Questions

Enter now and showcase your achievements at the Funds Europe Awards 2023! Firms, organisations and individuals can participate by submitting their entries directly. Choose from a range of categories, including Asset Management, Asset Servicing and Personality Awards, and enter now to be recognised for your outstanding contributions to the funds industry.

Who can enter?
Firms, organisations and individuals can enter the awards. For the personality awards, individuals can self-nominate or be nominated by colleagues.

What's the criteria for winning?
Winners must have made exceptional and innovative contributions to the funds industry, showcasing growth, innovation, development, client service and commitment to Europe.

Who's eligible?
Submissions are welcome from all firms/organisations working within the European funds sector. Entries should meet judging criteria and demonstrate business excellence. Work should relate to June 1, 2022 - May 31, 2023, unless stated otherwise. Entry is free.

What's the entry process?

  • Study the Awards 2023 categories and criteria.
  • Complete the online form for each category entered.
  • Write a submission of maximum 500 words (250 words for Personality and CIO of the Year).
  • Optionally, include supporting evidence (PDF format, max. four pages).
  • Upload your PDF submission by Aug 1, 2023.
  • Make sure all the criteria are addressed. Each category contains specific criteria, so refer to these in your submission and keep in mind the key performance areas: growth, innovation, development, client service, and commitment to Europe and the industry.
  • Upload a high-resolution logo.

What's involved in creating a submission?

  • Clearly state your company name and category.
  • Use headings for evidence, if included.
  • Provide firm background and be clear with examples.
  • Explain why the nominee should win.
  • Address all category criteria, focusing on growth, innovation, development, client service and commitment to Europe.
  • Use visuals sparingly, limit to two within 500 words.
  • Present a well-organised, easy-to-read submission without non-relevant information.

What about permissions and confidentiality?
Obtain necessary permissions for entries on behalf of other companies. Mark confidential information as "confidential."

Do I get a receipt of entries? What about judging?
You'll receive an email confirmation. Contact us if not received within four working days. Panels review submissions in September, create a shortlist and select winners.

Who are the judges?
Panels consist of experienced professionals from the funds industry. Judges cannot evaluate entries from their own or associated businesses. Judges' names are announced after the ceremony.

Will there be a publication of shortlists?
Shortlisted entrants are notified via email. Shortlists (excluding Personality and CIO awards) are published online and in the December 2023 issue of Funds Europe.

When and where is the awards ceremony?
The ceremony is on Nov 2, 2023, at the Tower of London. Winners are announced, except for Personality and CIO awards. Only shortlisted entrants are invited, one person per shortlisting, no fee.

What about the terms and conditions?

  • Final entry date is Aug 1, 2023.
  • Submissions are confidential.
  • Entries may be considered in subsequent years (except previous Personality or CIO winners) if new work is undertaken.
  • Self-nomination and anonymous nominations are accepted.
  • No feedback is provided to non-shortlisted entries.
  • Judges' decision is final.