DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Tuesday, August 1 2023

Firms and organisations can enter the awards themselves. Individuals may also put themselves forward for the personality awards (though if modesty precludes this, their colleagues can nominate them instead!).

What defines a Funds Europe Awards winner?
All award-winners, be they companies or individuals, will have made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the funds industry, whether in asset management, asset servicing or in support of those activities. The judges reward excellence in growth, innovation, development, client service and commitment to Europe.

Submissions are invited from, or on behalf of, firms/organisations in the European funds sector. Satisfying the judging criteria for the awards category and demonstrating excellence in business are paramount. All entries to the Funds Europe Awards 2023 must relate to work undertaken from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023 unless stated otherwise in the individual criteria. It’s easy to enter – and free of charge!

  • Make sure you understand the Awards 2023 categories and criteria by studying them carefully.
  • Complete the online entry form. (You may enter as many categories as you wish. If you enter more than one, you will need to complete separate forms).
  • Write a submission of 500 words, maximum. Entries for the Personality and CIO of the Year categories must be no longer than 250 words.
  • As a further option, at the end of your 500-word document, you may include evidence that directly supports your claims. (Please see how to create a submission below).
  • Please ensure that your submission document is in a PDF format before uploading.
  • Upload your PDF (of no more than four pages) by Tuesday August 1, 2023.
  • Upload your logo in high resolution. If you are shortlisted, it will be used at the ceremony.

Entry requirements for European Personality and CIO of the year
Please note that the requirements for these awards are slightly different. Entries should be:

  • No more than 250 words; and
  • Include a biography of the person being nominated (which can be in addition to the 250 words).

How to create a submission:

  • At the top of your submission, please state your company name and the category that you are entering.
  • If you include supporting evidence, use the headings 500 words and Evidence to separate it from the main text. This must all be included in the same PDF of no more than four pages.
  • Start by giving some background information on your firm. The judges may not be familiar with your firm or everything you do.
  • Be clear – when offering examples, it is sometimes best to use one to illustrate your point. Do use bullet points and sub-headings if you feel this will help.
  • State why the nominated person/firm should win.
  • Make sure all the criteria are addressed. Each category contains specific criteria, so refer to these in your submission and keep in mind the key performance areas: growth, innovation, development, client service, and commitment to Europe and the industry.
  • You may illustrate your points with figures, graphs and images where this is more useful than text, but please do not include more than two graphs/images in your 500 words. Additional graphs and illustrations may be supplied at the end under the heading Evidence.
  • If you add an evidence section, this must relate directly to the claims in your 500-word submission. You may want to use screenshots, charts, tables, press clippings, images of marketing materials or products, or extracts from research and reports. Links, for example, to videos, are also allowed if they relate directly to your submission.
  • Presentation is critical. Our judges welcome submissions that are straightforward, well organised and easy to read. We recommend you give special attention to your 500-word submission: it is very important to make it relate directly to the category criteria.
  • Do not include non-relevant corporate information.

If submitting on behalf of another company, it is your responsibility to obtain all relevant permissions for the entry from their own or associated businesses.

Your entry is confidential to the judges and the staff of Funds Europe. When submitting confidential information, please mark it clearly as “confidential”.

We will acknowledge receipt of entries
We will acknowledge your entry on receipt by email. If you do not hear from us within four working days, please contact us.

Additional material after submission
Normally, we do not accept additional material after receiving your entry.

Judging the Awards
The judging panels meet in September to review and discuss submissions and draw up a shortlist. After further consideration, they will select the winner in each category.

The judges
Each category is judged by a panel composed of leading professionals with a wealth of funds industry experience. Panels are drawn from peer groups within the industry, specialist third-party experts and our editorial board. Judges are not permitted to judge entries from their own or associated businesses. The names of judges are announced after the awards ceremony.

Publication of shortlists
If your entry has been shortlisted, we will advise you by email at the end of September. You will need to provide us with the name of the senior representative attending the awards. Aside from the Personality and CIO awards, shortlists will also be published online in October 2023, and in the December 2023 issue of Funds Europe. Please note: if you have not made the shortlist, you will not be contacted.

Awards Ceremony

  • Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday, 2nd November 2023 at Tower of London (winners will not be notified beforehand with the exception of the Personality and CIO awards as there are no shortlists for these categories).
  • Please note that entering does not guarantee you an invite to the ceremony, only those shortlisted will be invited.
  • We can only allow one invite per shortlisting.
  • There is no cost to attend.

Terms and conditions

  • The extended FINAL closing date for entries is Tuesday, August 1, 2023.
  • All submissions will be treated in strict confidence.
  • Entries can be considered in subsequent years (with the exception of those who have won either Personality or CIO of the Year before) only if new work has been undertaken on existing projects or products.
  • Self-nomination and nomination anonymously are accepted (contact us if you want to ask us to approach a potential candidate).
  • We regret that we are unable to give feedback to those that are not shortlisted.
  • The judges’ decision is final.