Karine Pacary
Managing Director
Monterey Insight

Karine has over 25 years experience within the investment fund industry having held positions at Fitzrovia International, Lipper and Thomson-Reuters. In 2011, she co-founded Monterey Insight serving as Managing Director. Karine has brought together a team that has a blend of capabilities from traditional data analytics to advanced software engineering.

With the ambition of creating the definitive reference for funds in the jurisdictions of UK, Luxembourg, Jersey, Guernsey and Ireland, Monterey Insight have developed a business tool and analytics platform to provide comprehensive reports on service providers and a manually cleansed, wide-ranging, unique source of information on promoters, Manco/AIFM, administrators, custodians, transfer agents, auditors and legal advisers.

Monterey Insight is the reference for service providers’ market share ranking, including ManCo/AIFM third party business, covering regulated and unregulated funds, multiple asset classes such as private equity, real estate, private debt and hedge funds, showcasing the service providers’ capability with their growth analysis and their book of business.